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Linsey and Kyle

Soft blankets of snow, rugged mountain tops, pine trees and glorious rays of sunshine were a just a few of the things that first attracted us to this spectacular engagement session, in the picturesque landscape surrounding Sapphire Point Overlook in Dillon, Colorado captured by Brittney of Astray Photography. There is one thing however, that keeps bringing us back and that is the looks on Linsey and Kyle's faces as they celebrate their engagement in this wintry wonderland.

Kyle and Linsey met through a mutual friend almost four years ago, in the summer of twenty fifteen. They were just friends at first and would hang out in group settings but never having the opportunity to hang out one on one.

Speaking with about how they eventually got together she she explains, "In February 2016, I was taking one of my students to go see Frozen on Ice because Frozen is her absolute favorite. Kyle thought it was so sweet that I was taking her and he offered to give me money to buy her a gift at the show from him. I reluctantly accepted the money and ended getting my student an Olaf souvenir from the show which absolutely made her night and I sent Kyle as a thank you.

The week after the show I offered to take Kyle to dinner as a thank you and he suggested we meet at his friend’s house who he was house-sitting for and cook a meal together. We ended up cooking a delicious curry, listened to some amazing music, laughing a ton and had a really great conversation.

We could both tell there was something special between us after that night and after a few weeks went by with some flirtation and group hangouts we finally decided we needed to have a conversation about what was going on between us. We went to lunch on a lovely Sunday in March and talked for hours, expressing the feelings we had for each other and realized we both wanted to give this relationship thing a try. Since that wonderful day we have pretty much been inseparable and have not once looked back.

Linsey tells us that. "Kyle and I have so much in common and we love filling our weekends with adventures that include hiking, skiing, camping and traveling. We also really appreciate low-key nights in together and one of our favorite things to do together is cook. There is something so special about creating a homemade meal together where we both do our parts to make it complete. Cooking is like a metaphor for our partnership. What also makes our relationship special is how much we build each other up and complement each other’s personalities. He grounds me and I energize him".

Spotting Linsey's ring we can't help but be impressed, the stunning ring features a cushion cut diamond with a surrounding halo set in white gold, with a delicate rose gold band. A custom creation from the amazing Denver designer Sarah O. Jewelry. Linsey proudly tells us that Kyle put the whole design together himself with the help of the team at Sarah O. having remembered all the things that she loved and wanted in a ring, having been helped along by a collection of sneakily set inspiration photos Linsey may have sent. The icing on the cake (or ring in this instance) was that the store was in one of their old neighbourhood, the first place they had lived together as a couple.

The couple are excited about their upcoming wedding and have booked their venue in Vail, Colorado for September this year, choosing to celebrate their wedding as a weekend mountain getaway with family and friends. When we asked them about their choice of a destination wedding Linsey simply says "We absolutely love the mountains, both Kyle and I want to be able to show our friends and family what Colorado is like and why we love this part of the country so much."

We wish Kyle and Linsey the best of luck for their upcoming wedding and look forward to catching up with them again in September to hear all about their wedding day. In the meantime we invite you to sit back and relax as you enjoy the images from this incredible engagement session and don't forget to check out the list of vendors below and follow the links to discover some serious talent and inspiration for your engagement plans!

meet the team:

Venue: Sapphire Point Overlook, Dillon CO

Photography: Astray Photography

Engagement Ring: Sarah O. Jewelry


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