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Mercedes and Adam

Both born and raised in Alabama, Mercedes and Adam moved Nashville to their favourite vacation spot in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where finally after 10 years Adam popped the question at their local ski resort with Amanda Podesta Photography there to capture the love and laughter. We caught up with the happy couple to hear more about their love story an here is what they had to say.

Let’s start at the beginning. How did you two first meet? We are from the same hometown in Alabama and had mutual friends. He sent me a message on Myspace that he liked my music playlist on my profile. The rest is history...Does that tell you how old we are?!

What makes your relationship special? Tell us some things that you both value in your time together. (example: pushing each other to new limits, love to travel, huge comic book fans, foodies, etc.) What makes your relationship unique? We are go-getters. We enjoy staying busy together whether it's a home renovation or riding our mountain bikes. These experiences, big and small, bring us closer everyday. Can you say carpe diem?!

How did you know your partner was the one? When did you first know this in your relationship? (these may often be the same moment, but aren’t always) There hasn't been a defining moment per say, more like, the fact that we've stood by each others side for the last decade. Most couples get married and "start a life together". For us, getting married means celebrating everything that we have accomplished together in our ten year relationship.

Give us all the details about the proposal. How and where did it happen? Was it a surprise? What was the planning process? He surprised me with friends showing up from out of state. We all decided to go to Monarch ski area for the day. He planned on us hiking up to the Mirkwood Basin but access to the run had been closed off. So with no other plan in mind, he picked a random run and got down on one knee while our friends cheered and took photos. I was totally caught off guard!

We’re all about the bling… Tell us all about that ring! One karat round cut with an interlocking band on a high setting. Simple and classy.

Are you excited to start planning your wedding day? Do you have any ideas in mind yet? Very excited. My Pinterest board has too many ideas! The plan is to do two separate parties. First, a small ceremony at Little River Falls where we grew up followed by a reception at the Canyon Centre with our family and close friends. Second, we are going to have a "river party" at the Ocoee River with all of our outdoor friends. Warning, the second party might get a little crazy.




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