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Married between Christmas and New Year's Eve, Stephanie and Tony, a military couple, were married at Eagle Oaks Country Club in Farmingdale, NJ. Their elegant wedding was captured by The Fox And The Hare Photography and was simply stunning, with a magical little nod to Christmas, brought to life in the décor that blended the season and the celebration seamlessly together.

A Message from the Photographer:

Stephanie & Tony had an intimate church ceremony followed by the most fun reception at Eagle Oaks. The church still had Christmas trees, twinkle lights and poinsettias all around making their ceremony feel especially magical.

Steph's vision was for an elegant, traditional wedding with a subtle wintry theme. Eagle Oaks is so beautiful on its own, so they didn't want to go overboard with the decorations. The colors were dark green and ivory. The flowers in the bouquets by Garden State Floral Design were betwixt little holly berries, pine needles and pine cones. The decorative nutcrackers provided by Eagle Oaks were just a little added bonus in the reception space.

Navy Love, both Steph & Tony are in the Navy, and are based in Florida right now. Therefore, it was very important for them to come up and be with family in New Jersey. A third of their guests have been or are actively serving in the Navy, as well. What was really important for them was that their guests, who had traveled from literally all over the world to be with them on the big day, were part of the photos. They didn't particularly care to be the center of attention, but really just wanted us to showcase all of the guests and the togetherness. We were honored to do so. It was noteworthy that this navy couple chose blue up-lighting in the reception space to represent their lives together. We were so glad we could document all the love and happiness in the room. Congratulations again Steph & Tony!


Officiant: Father Mark Crane

Makeup Artist + Hair Stylist: June Baldessari

Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal

Grace and Hurst had known each other since preschool but ended up apart until after college when they both moved back to their hometown where fate would have them joining the same kick ball team and not long afterwards they celebrated their love in a magical waterfall wedding captured by Cariad Photography in the picturesque estate at Chota Falls. We caught up with couple to hear all about their big day, below.

Tell us about your wedding! What was the inspiration behind your day? Did you have a specific theme, style or color palette? Did you incorporate any cultural or religious traditions in any part of your day? The inspiration behind my vision for our wedding was to magnify the beauty of the North Georgia Mountains. I wanted tons of twinkle lights and candles as well as very natural décor. Although we do not have much snow in Georgia I wanted the feel of a woodland winter wonderland. Upon looking back at my wedding, the word that comes to mind is “magical.” Hurst and I decided to have a traditional ceremony with our wonderful minister, David Smith. David worked with us for several months to get to know us and mold the ceremony around our personalities. The theme that wove throughout the message and our vows was simple, Love! We truly wanted to convey not only how much we loved each other, but how much we love our friends and family for supporting us.

Let's talk wedding décor. How did you decorate your space for the ceremony and the reception? Was any part of the décor DIY? I must be honest, not much of the wedding décor was DIY. I did have the most wonderful designer, Henry Luther, who truly brought my vision to life. The ceremony decoration was the easy part. We were lucky with the weather and had a crisp, sunny November afternoon in front of a beautiful waterfall surrounded by the changing leaves of fall! The reception space was where Henry Luther worked his magic. Henry’s attention to detail was insane! He was able to capture the beauty of nature by bringing the outdoors inside. The tables were complete with tree limbs covered in twinkle lights and faux fur center pieces. Pheasant feathers garnished the dinner napkins, old silver, moss and candles just added to the table décor. There were candles and twinkle lights everywhere making the space look like the magical woodland wedding I had dreamed of!

What were the florals like in your wedding? Did you use flowers in any of your design elements like the bridal bouquets, centerpieces or ceremony backdrop? Did they play an important part in the overall style of your wedding? Flowers were not high on my priority list when decorating for the wedding. I kept this aspect simple with full lavender bouquets for the bridesmaids, and a lavender and pheasant feather boutonniere for the groomsmen. My personal bouquet was a work of art complete with succulents and eye-popping purple flowers. Henry used a lot of moss and succulents for center pieces which continued the theme of a woodland wedding.

Did you personalize the day in any way (food trucks, guest entertainment etc.)? What were some of your favorite parts of your wedding? Besides the whole getting married to my favorite person part, my other favorite part of the wedding would have to be the band!! I LOVE to dance and the band was so much fun! Band X played a great variety of music, and even learned Hurst and I’s first dance song (Ain’t no Mountain High Enough) so that we could dance to the live version. Their high energy and fun personalities brought the party to life.

Let's talk fashion. How did you both choose your wedding day look? Describe the looks in detail. One of my super artistic bridesmaids sent me a link to a wedding dress designer named Hayley Paige and said it looked like me. I loved her dresses online, found a boutique near me that carried her line, tried on about 10 dresses, and immediately knew the one I wanted. This was lucky for me because I am not the typical girl that likes to shop. The gown was exactly what I wanted, sparkles and a poofy bottom! My mom said that the bottom of the dress reminded her of the waterfall, and after seeing all the pictures she was right! One truly special part of my wedding look was my fur wrap. My childhood neighbor actually found it at an antique fur store and just bought it for me! Ill never forget that moment because my grandfather passed away a couple months before the wedding and sweet Susie brought that to me during that tough time! For my bridesmaids, I had seen a couple of weddings in which all the bridesmaids had different dresses in the same color scheme and I loved that look. I chose the BHLDN bridal line and told my girls the color scheme, offered some suggestions, and let them pick their own! Everyone ended up picking a different dress, and as a gift to my bridesmaids I gave them all a matching faux fur wrap (and thank goodness because it was the coldest day of the month). Hurst picked out a beautiful suit for him and all of his groomsmen. It was a dark blue and slightly shinny suit with a beautiful patterned tie! I think the most coveted piece of fashion for the entire weekend would have to be Hurst’s shoes. They were navy blue suede with black studs and he rocked them!

How did you meet? Tell us about the proposal. Hurst and I have actually known each other since preschool, but ended up going to different schools. After college we both moved back to our hometown and ended up on the same kick ball team. Hurst found out I loved Game of Thrones and watched it every Sunday night. He watched all the seasons to catch up so that he could ask me to watch it with him. We have been inseparable ever since! The proposal was beautiful. We were on a vacation in December (my favorite time of year) in New York City with Hurst’s family. We all went on a carriage ride through Central Park, and the driver’s made several stops along the way. Hurst was actually supposed to propose at the first stop in front of a fountain, but he said it didn't feel right. After about the 3rd stop the drivers thought he had chickened out completely, but they made one final stop in front of the Pinebank Arch and that is where Hurst got down on one knee. It was the perfect location because the Pinebank Arch is also where the well known snowball fight from one of our favorite movies, Elf, was occurred. We spent the rest of the trip in a daze celebrating and enjoying the Christmas spirit of New York City!

What was the most anticipated or special moment of your wedding day? Quite honestly I do not think there is just one moment to pick! It was the most amazing weekend, and I couldn’t imagine choosing just one thing. If I had to pick I guess I would say having all of our friends and family in one place at one time gathered around us. The love and energy throughout the entire event was phenomenal.

Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you'd like to share with other couples planning their day? I know everyone says this, but it is true… Stop and savor moments all throughout the wedding day because it goes by so fast. Our wedding weekend was such a special time and it was a whirlwind of emotions! Take your time and just have fun!


Photographer: Cariad Photography

Event Venue: Chota Falls

Floral Designer: Henry Luther Florist

Cake Designer: Cecilia Villaveces Cakes

Dress Designer: Hayley Paige

Bridesmaid Dresses: BHLDN

Makeup Artist: Formal Faces

Band: Band X

Briana and David first met in college at the University of Nevada, Reno through a mutual friend. The couple chose to celebrate their engagement in a fun filled snow shoot in Lake Tahoe, with Capture Create Studios. Here is what they had to tell us about their love story so far.

Let’s start at the beginning. How did you two first meet? We first met in College at the University of Nevada, Reno through a mutual friend of ours. David was on the club volleyball team, and so was my friend Maclane. We met Freshman year but got so caught up in other activities and things we never actually started dating until Senior year, in 2015. It's actually really funny because my friend Maclane was having a 1 year dating anniversary party for her and her now fiancé Will in her backyard. David and I both showed up separately to celebrate the happy couple and it was then when he asked Maclane, "Hey, what's her story, I want to get to know Bri if you think that's okay." From there, he had asked me on a date, however, the next day was Valentines day so I said no, but are you free Sunday? (which was the following day)" On our first date, which was that Sunday, he took me to a trampoline park up in Reno and I quickly learned how to do a backflip into the foam pit. (We have both worked at trampoline parks in the past!) Date #2 was dinner and a movie where I didn't even touch my beer...I was so nervous. David of course finished his! Our third date that same week was heading up the slopes where I finally learned how to make turns on my snowboard. His patience helped me get down the slopes after falling over and over again and wanting to give up. After that as I was about to ask him if we could "make it official" he said he was about to ask me out officially that night over dinner. I remember pulling up our computers and making it Facebook official and being so damn giddy about it. We have been inseparable ever since.

What makes your relationship special? Tell us some things that you both value in your time together. (example: pushing each other to new limits, love to travel, huge comic book fans, foodies, etc.) What makes your relationship unique? Our relationship is so unique because we bring out the best in each other. We love to travel, backpack, camp, fish, bike, hike, you name it, but I think what makes us both so happy all the time is that we get to be the best version of ourselves around each other, while still doing the things we love, and not having to change who we are from our core. Yes, there are times we compromise, like any couple does, however, we are constantly learning new hobbies from each other's already existing interests and growing stronger from it. We love mountain biking and hiking in the summer time. In the winter, we love snowboarding and snowshoeing in the Rocky Mountains. We thrive in the outdoors. It's part of the reason we moved recently from Northern California to the outskirts of Denver, Colorado. We love cooking pasta from scratch together. (David is a chef and has Italian roots) We will occasionally geek out to video games in multi-combat mode.

How did you know your partner was the one? When did you first know this in your relationship? (these may often be the same moment, but aren’t always) It's actually pretty funny because we knew at separate times we were the one for each other. It was honestly after a few weeks of dating that I later found out David had called his mother and said, "Mom, I've found the one." and I remember he told me that very early on in our relationship. I admired him for it but I waited a bit longer to cross off the checkboxes before I knew. It must've been a few months later when I told him back that I felt the same way. It honestly came down to the way he looked at me. It was a few months into dating when everything I said or did meant the absolute world to him and he began to look at me in a way that showed me he had my undivided attention and that we were put on this earth to find each other, as soulmates. To this day, it is my absolute favorite thing about him, the way he looks at me. It tells me everything.

Give us all the details about the proposal. How and where did it happen? Was it a surprise? What was the planning process? I had guessed so many times that it would be on a hike, or I would be able to guess and let me tell you he had me FOOLED. It was a casual Sunday morning, and he agreed to go to breakfast with my mom and a few friends, to our usual local spot downtown Pleasanton on the day he proposed. I had not even brushed my teeth or ran a brush through my hair that morning. That's how little I knew. After eating pancakes and eggs we headed back to my mom's home where I showed David a new song I had learned on the piano. It was called "River Flows in You" and honestly David and I had heard that song on the radio a few days earlier and I said that song is so beautiful I want to learn how to play it on the piano. I was never taught how to properly play the piano, hell, I watch YouTube videos and then memorize sections and can play by heart. It is one of the few talents I have found over the years. So here I am playing this song for David that I only learned a few days ago mind you, when he stops me half way through. He gives me this beautiful scrapbook of all the photos of us over the years. Now this usually would be surprising to most folks but since David has given me scrapbooks in the past, I am still clueless as to what is going on at this moment. All I know is I really want to finish the song I learned on the piano for him, and he just stopped me right in the middle to show me this book. I'm flipping through the pages and showing my mom and sister the images, explaining some of the photos and it wasn't until I get to the last page that there's an insert that says "Read me" and I pull it out and it says "Turn around" that I start to ugly cry. And when I say ugly cry, I have a video that shows me bawling, and you would've thought someone had died ugly cry. I was so surprised and happy tears came pouring down my face. He got down on one knee and proposed in front of my family, who was filming my reaction and it was so special. To have my loved ones, and the love of my life there in that moment was something I will never forget. He got me good. I was so surprised and of course said YES! (through the happy tears) It was the best day of my life thus far.

We’re all about the bling… Tell us all about that ring! He had two options he was down to and he asked my sister what she thought I would like better. One ring had three diamonds, and the meaning was I was one of three sisters and my sisters mean the absolute world to me. The other ring had one larger diamond, centrally located, princess cut and that's the one he went with. I would've loved either ring but am so happy with the one he chose because I look at it every single day and it reminds me of him and that very day he proposed.

Are you excited to start planning your wedding day? Do you have any ideas in mind yet? Yes, all the hard stuff has already been planned. We have seating charts left, and making sure the vendors know of the timeline but I'm SO EXCITED!!!! At this point all I have to do is show up and marry the man of my dreams. I mean come on, it really doesn't get better than that!


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