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How long does it take to hear back about our submission?

We appreciate the time and effort it takes you to compile your submission and we are always excited to see your work, however please keep in mind that we do receive multiple emails a day and sometimes it will take us a few days to be able to respond to you. But rest assured we will contact you as soon as possible and request you allow us 7 business days to respond to your submission application.


Why wasn’t my submission accepted?

Coordinating a magazine and blog to capture content in a way that doesn’t overwhelm our readers and gives them a wide range of content can be a tricky endeavour and sometimes your shoot may just not fit in with out publishing schedule. This doesn’t mean that we don’t love your work it just means that we may already have content of a similar style and were on the look out for something slightly different.

Where will my submission appear?

As soon as we have accepted your submission will notify you of where and when it will appear, all submissions sent to us are on a blog publication basis only. It is up to our editor as to whether a submission is accepted for editorial consideration in the magazine and you will be advised of the editor’s decision if it is being considered for magazine publication.

How do I become a website featured Photographer?

Each month we have a featured photographer whose images will appear on all aspects of our website and be featured on our blog. We choose this photographer from the submission we received the previous month. If a photographer is our featured photographer more than one month in a row it just means that their images have spoken to us and really speaks to the style of the blog/magazine at the time of selection. If you would like to be considered for this, we would love to see your work.

How do I obtain your style guide and publication requests?

If you are one of our exclusive vendors, you will be a part of our Facebook submissions group and we will post things we are looking for regularly in the group as well as posting our seasonal style guide and article opportunities that we are looking for to publish on the blog or in the magazine.

Where do we purchase the Magazine?

Our magazine is a free online publication that is available for viewing directly from our website, on the issuu publication website

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