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We don’t have too many requests, as we know your time is just as valuable as ours, however we do have a few points that are a requirement of submission. It’s important to note that we do not have the time or resources to individually manage your submission or chase you for missing details or incorrect submission formats. It is rather simple, if you do not have the things we require than your submission will be rejected, which makes us sad as we love seeing your work and would love to support everyone in our publication.

We trust that by taking the time to submit to us you will have read our guidelines and our frequently asked questions and have contacted to clear up any confusion you may have surrounding the process prior to your submission.

So what are the guidelines?

1.  We require between 50 and 100 images with a good range  of  both landscape and portrait images.                               


2.  A link to an online downloadable gallery such as Dropbox or Pixieset. If you are using Dropbox please ensure you label your folder clearly. With the Submission Name and your Business Name otherwise we end up with 20 files all labelled Becoming One Sumbission.                    

3. A Fully completed submission form with all questions answered and if you are not the photographer please provide a copy of an email from them clearly showing their written approval/consent for publication.

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