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We LOVE receiving your submissions, and we have designed this form to give you a place to upload everything that we need to showcase your Event. We know that the process is tedious and time consuming so we really appreciate you taking time to fill in the details fully and correctly. Due to the amount of submission requests we receive any submissions that are not completed fully will not be accepted for publication. Please have a read of each section and make sure you attach all the requirements to the specifications required.

Submission Information

This section provides us with the information we need to determine if we can legally publish your Event and who we contact in relation to your submission. If you are not the Couple or Model featured in the Event or the Photographer of the Event we will need a few extra details from you to confirm the Events right to publication, but don't worry its not to hard and you will soon be on your way to being featured in Becoming One.

Event Representative 

Representative's Email Address

Please select the option that bests describes you.


Photographers Email Address

Photographer's Consent

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Couple or Model

Couple or Model's Email Address

Couple or Model's Consent

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Event Information

This section provides us with information about your Event that will enable us to publishing your Event in the right category to connect with our readers.

Event Name

Event Type

Has this Event been previously Published?

Event Location

Event Style

Link to Event Publication

Event Images & Video

This section provides us with the all important links to your Events Images and Video should you have it. We ask that you read through our specifications carefully to ensure you provide us with the correct format for your images and Video.

  • Images must be provided in High Resolution

  • Images must be individual images we will not accept collages.

  • Images must be free of borders, frames and watermarks.

  • Images must be sent to us using either Dropbox PixieSet or Google Drive.

  • Video must be provided to us by link from either Vimeo or YouTube. Please not that passwords are fine for the submission stage as long as they are provided to us but will need to be removed and set to public if your publication is accepted.

  • Minimum number of images is 75 and Maximum number of Images is 150

Link to Images

Does your Gallery require a Password or Pin Code to View?

Link to Video

Does your Video require a Password or Pin Code to View?

Does your Gallery require a Download Password or Pin Code?

Event Credits

This section provides us with all the information on the creative geniuses that collaborated to make your event amazing! We ask that you complete this form in its entirety as we rely on you to know your team better than we do. We understand that mistakes happen and will always be happy to alter the credits list after publication but getting it right the first time is our preference. In order to try to limit errors after publication we send you an article proof prior to publication and ask that you thoroughly check the document for any errors and send it back to us in a timely manner.



Ceremony Venue

Reception Venue

Concept & Styling



Decor Hire

Furniture Hire



Cutlery Hire

Silks & Linens

Stationery Designer



Cake Artist

Entertainment / MC



Bride/Female Model

Hair Stylist

Make Up Artist

Bridal Gown

Veil/ Headpiece

Bridal Accessories

Bridal Rings

Bridal Shoes

Groom/Male Model

Grooms Fashion

Grooms Accessories

Grooms Shoes

Travel Agent




Event Questionnaire

This section provides us with all the information that we need to write up and publish your event, so don't skimp on the details we LOVE reading all about it! You will be sent a copy of our article prior to publishing so you can read through and check the details. We do ask that you respond to us as a matter of priority as this is a complimentary service we provide and it can become time consuming having to wait on responses. If a response is not received from you in a timely manner publication will go ahead without the approval and any corrections will have to be made after publication and will only be made on the credits list not the story. Please not that you are only required to answer the question that corresponds to your Event Type, e.g Real Wedding.

question 1

Engagement Session: We are suckers for a good love story and are dying to hear your story, tell us all about it!

Elopement: Why did you and your partner choose to have an Elopement? Why did you choose that location?

Real Wedding: What made you choose your wedding theme?

Styled Inspiration Shoot: What was your Concept / Design Inspiration?

question 2

Engagement Session: Tell us about the proposal and the ring, we love this part of the story.

Elopement: Did you choose to carry flowers or have your styled? Did you do it yourself or hire a florist or stylist? Tell us about your choices and what it meant to you.

Real Wedding: Tell us all about your choice of flowers and styling and how you chose your florist or stylist.

Styled Inspiration Shoot: Tell us all about the flowers and the styling elements.

question 3

Engagement Session: Did you hire any special props or was there any significance to your chosen location?

Elopement: Tell us all about your fashion choices, did you get ready together or have a big reveal?

Real Wedding: Tell us all about your choice fashion.

Styled Inspiration Shoot: Tell us all about the fashion choices and the creation of the gown.

question 4

Engagement Session: Tell us about your wedding plans so far.

Elopement: Did you celebrate with cake? Have you combined your elopement and honeymoon and are you choosing to have a celebration when you come back from your elopement? and Finally do you have any advice to others looking to elope?

Real Wedding: Tell us all the little details, from your cake to your food, your honeymoon plans and give us your best piece of advice to other couples currently planning their own weddings. 

Styled Inspiration Shoot: Tell us exactly what we need to know about your shoot, what sets it apart from the rest, do you have any quirky details you want to tell us about? Include things like the table scape, stationery elements and cake design here. 

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