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Lindsay and Elliott

Just like their love, Lindsay and Elliott’s vision for their wedding was a timeless one. This cozy, vintage and stunning romantic wedding took place at Southwind Hills in Goldsby, Oklahoma, where the couple seamlessly weaved vintage-inspired details throughout their day, from; a vintage mirror that belonged to Elliott’s grandmother as a sign welcoming their guests with old-fashioned calligraphy from Prim Paper Co., to beautiful, antique china and vintage bride and groom toasting glasses at the sweetheart table for the reception.

The overall old-world charm was highlighted and accented with the couples colour scheme which incorporated shades of luscious red with accents of blush and vintage golds. Keep reading as we chat to Lindsay and Eliott and find out all about the lead up to their wedding and the all-important wedding day.

Tell us about your wedding! What was the inspiration behind your day?

Since we first started talking about getting married a few years ago, we both knew we wanted a fall wedding. I have always been obsessed with all things vintage, so when we started planning, we decided to go for a cozy, romantic, vintage vibe. We wanted a lot of rich colour that felt like fall, so we decided on deep cranberry red with accents of blush, gold, and greenery. Elliott is Bahá’í, so we incorporated some Bahá’í readings into our ceremony, as well as a phrase we both repeated during our vows.

Let's talk about wedding decor. How did you decorate your space for the ceremony and the reception? Was any part of the decor DIY?

Our ceremony took place in the forest at Southwind Hills, which was already so beautiful on its own that we only added a few touches. Southwind Hills Floral designed a gorgeous, lush arbour that incorporated all of our colours. We also used a vintage mirror that belonged to Elliott's grandmother as a welcome sign for our guests, with calligraphy from Prim Paper Co. For our reception space, we used a mix of floral and greenery for the centrepieces, as well as some gold lanterns, trays, and candles from Southwind Hills. They also supplied beautiful vintage china for the head table and three velvet couches.

We are huge flower lovers, so tell us, what were the florals like at your wedding?

All of the florals were very lush and romantic with lots of deep red and blush.  I had a huge, amazing bouquet and the bridesmaids had smaller versions of mine. All the centrepieces included florals and the floral arbour was the backdrop to our ceremony. They definitely played an important part in the style of our wedding as they brought so much colour and elegance to the day.

Did you personalize the day in any way (food trucks, guest entertainment etc.)? What were some of your favourite parts of your wedding?

One of my favourite parts of our wedding was finding ways to incorporate things we both love and that are personal to us. We both love The Beatles and decided that for our table number cards, we would have some of our favourite song titles written on each one. We are also huge Harry Potter fans and had "All Was Well" spelled out in light-up letters behind our cake table, as well as Harry Potter props in the photo booth. For our favours, we gave out mix CD's titled "The Indie Mix" (featuring a photo of our dog Indie) with some of our favourite songs that have been significant to our relationship. My mom spent a lot of time beforehand burning all the CD's and putting Indie stickers on each one. We had a table with our parents' and grandparents' wedding photos, and our cake topper was used in both my mother's wedding in the '80s and my grandmother's wedding in the '40s. Elliott loves bears, and the book "The Golden Compass" so he did a sort of celestial bear-themed groom's cake, and we served mini pies in addition to the cake because they are my dad's favourite and I really associate them with fall. For our sweetheart table, my mom found some pretty vintage plates, and we also found some incredible vintage bride and groom toasting glasses completely by accident at an antique store in Dallas.

Let's talk about fashion. How did you both choose your wedding day look? Describe the looks in detail.

I knew I wanted something really detailed, unique, and vintage-inspired. I've always loved wedding dresses with sleeves and thought it would be really romantic especially for a fall wedding. I went to 8 stores in 3 states before I found my dress but it was worth it! I ended up choosing a long-sleeved, intricately beaded, backless dress that is my favourite thing I've ever worn. I wore a delicate veil with a beaded edge as well as a beaded headpiece and added a pop of colour with my red velvet shoes (also my favourite shoes I've ever worn). I knew I wanted my hair down because that felt more like me, and that I wanted fairly minimal, natural makeup with a bold lip. Elliott decided on a deep blue suit to stand out from his groomsmen in grey, and he added a patterned vest and tie to add some texture and detail. He never saw my dress before the wedding, so I never saw him in his suit before the wedding either. It was a really great surprise for both of us.

How did you meet and please tell us all about the proposal?

We met at Oklahoma City Community College in the fall of 2012, but we started as really good friends and didn't begin dating until almost a year later. We were long distance for the first three years of our relationship as I was going to school in Los Angeles. He proposed to me in the place we first met, in the theatre at our college. We are both actors, and he had two of our good friends trick me into thinking that I was going there to film something. When the cameras started rolling, I was on stage, and he came out of the wings as "Hey Jude", my favourite song, started playing. I have never been more confused in my life, but I understood once he got down on one knee. He did a great job, I was so surprised!

What was the most anticipated or special moment of your wedding day?

I think my absolute favourite moment of the day was our first kiss after we were officially married and then walking back up the aisle together. I was so nervous about reading my vows, and we had been planning for such a long time that it was such a profound, euphoric moment when it finally happened. We also had a completely spontaneous moment after the ceremony when we were waiting off to the side to take more photos, and all of our bridal party suddenly appeared and surrounded us in a big group hug. Sometimes the best memories are the ones you don't expect at all.

Do you have any wedding planning or marriage advice that you'd like to share with other couples planning their day?

I would say definitely do your research when you're looking at ideas and vendors but don't over-research to the point where you get overwhelmed and can't make a decision. Towards the end, I got a lot better about knowing what I liked and being more decisive, instead of going over all the options over and over. Focus on the elements that are most important to you, not the ones that other people or Pinterest say are the most important. It's also really important to communicate with your partner every step of the way and make those decisions together, and realize when you need to compromise on something.


Floral Designer: Southwind Hills

Stationery: Prim Paper Co.

Cake Artist: Amy Cakes

Hair & Makeup Artist: AnnElyse Salon & Spa

Bridal Couture: Lovely Bride Dallas

Bridesmaids Couture: Prim The Bridesmaid Boutique


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